Astro Anuradha predicted it Right – Chandrayan-3 Successfully landed on the Moon!

New Delhi (India), August 28: The above is the chart of Chandrayaan Launch which is drawn by the best Vedic astrologer in India taking the place, date and time from SriHari Kota, the place of launch.

In the chart, Mars, the Lagna Lord is Digbali in the 10th House and with the 7th Lord and dispositor of Moon, Venus. The 10th House shows Karma and is said to be the greatest of the Kendra or the Karma houses. Mars here is very strong as it is not only Digbali or high in directional strength while aspecting the Lagna but also comfortable as it is placed in a friend’s house. Mars is also aspecting the Lagna, thus fortifying the Lagna. Mars and Venus are placed in the nakshatra of Magha, the nakshatra symbolising the throne and victory. It also is the nakshatra of the Pitris, showing the blessings of our ancestors. Let’s not forget, its lander is named after one of our greatest scientists. When Lagnesh and Lagna Lord both are strong, the work is mostly successful.

Venus is the 7th Lord of public platform and the 12th Lord of faraway journeys. Venus with Mars in 10th House is showing far off journeys, an obvious fact, in this case.

Again, Lagna and Lagna Lord are both aspected by a strong Chestabali – that is retrograde Saturn, which shows slow movement and delays. Saturn also has the Kendradhipati Dosha, as it is a malefic, owning the 4th House and placed in the 4th. Saturn’s only perquisite is work be done slowly and thoroughly, more so with the nakshatra of Saturn being Satabhisha, the nakshatra of control and vigilance.

Moon, the life of any chart is placed in the best possible place. It is not aspected by any planet, it is not influenced by any planet and is in its sign of exaltation. What more, it is in its own nakshatra Rohini, which is upward moving, best for launch of rockets or satellites. Rohini also shows growth and a steady one at that. It gives a lasting effect to anything that is birthed at that time, here being the launch of Chandrayaan. Hence, according to this famous Vedic astrologer in India, landing should be a safe and successful event.

Now, Ketu is the South Node of the Moon. This is where the Chandrayaan is supposed to Land.

Technical issues can happen on 21st August or Moon can have an early landing when Transit Moon meets transit Ketu.

Problems due to the 5th Lord in the 6th House with Rahu. Sudden technical issues. Especially when Transit Moon conjuncts Ketu in the 12th House. Need to apply some different kind of technology to overcome the issue.

The presence of the 8th Lord in the 9th House is also not conducive for the mission. However, as it is placed in Pushya nakshatra, whose Lord is retrograde, and this is a repetitive attempt. A lot of research and hard work is evident from Mercury, as the 8th Lord in the 9th House in Pushya.

It will definitely put India on the Map.

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